Central Park

Last updated: Feb 1, 2016

Central Park is a great place for recreation. Weather you like sports, outdoor activities, arts or history, you'll find plenty of exciting things to do in Central Park.

Central Park

About Central Park

One of the most famous parks of the world located in New York City, Manhattan district.

Things to do in Central Park
The public park is full of great natural places including a wildlife park, many grassy areas and playgrounds. There is a 10 km-long route around Central Park which is popular among runners, roller skaters, and bikers. In summer you can watch differentconcerts and Shakespeare performances for free. Sheep Meadow is the calmest place visited by romantic couples. Great Lawn is visited by ball sports lovers. Joggers love to run around Reservoir.

Is Central Park safe?
The Central Park is a relatively safe place these days. The park has dedicated police group and civil guards. There are over 40 million visitors in Central Park per year and the number of crimes is below 100. Most of the crimes are committed by acquaintances.

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For First Time Visitors

Are you new to New York City? Check out the most popular attractions in Central Park.

Conservatory Water (Mid-Park)
Popular for families and children. Climbing scupltures, model boats, storytelling programs, Stuart Little site, cafe.

Delacorte Theater (Mid-Park)
Summer home of Public Theater. The open-air theater features free performances.

Obelisk (Mid-Park)
The 3,500-year-old Obelisk also known as Cleopatra's Needle is the oldest outdoor monument in New York City.

Belveder Castle (Mid-Park)
A miniature castle built in 1869 with a view to the reservoir (the Great Lawn) to the north and the Ramble to the south.

Great Lawn (Mid-Park)
The geographical center of Central Park is for families and fitness lovers.

Bethesda Terrace (Mid-Park)
At the end of the Promenade, it's a grand historical terrace overlooking the Lake.

Rumsey Playfield (South End)
A hot spot in Central Park for music, dance, and film lovers - the home for the popular SummerStage cultural festival.

Sheap Meadow (South End)
A big green place for fitness and nature lovers.

Wollman Rink (South End)
Skating is a winter tradition in New York. A great place for recreation in the winter.

Conservatory Garden (North End)
The Central Park's six-acre formal garden with three smaller gardens in Italian, French, and English styles.

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Food & Drink in Central Park

Get hungry? Want some refreshement in Central Park? Find one of these spots.

  • Ballplayers' House Refreshments (South End)
  • Dancing Crane Cafe (South End)
  • Harlem Meer Snack Bar (North End)
  • Kerbs Boathouse (Mid-Park)
  • Le Pain Quotidien (South End)
  • Loeb Boathouse Refreshments (Mid-Park)
  • Tavern on the Green (South End)
  • Wollman Refreshments (South End)

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